Your unique wedding invitation is the first impression your guests will have of what's in store for your special day.

At, we like to make your wedding invitations uniquely yours and personalised in every way. Whether its a playful design or a perfectly crafted colour scheme, every little detail adds a hint of your personality,  and a flavour of what’s to come on your wedding day.

Follow these helpful guidelines to choose the perfect wedding invitations and help get your wedding planning off to a stress-free start.


What style of invitations should we choose?

To help you choose your style, start by browsing through some of the designs on our website or social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook ,  try a google search for wedding invitation designs, or check out Pinterest to get a feel for the style that suits your wedding. We will also discuss your colour scheme prior to creating any designs for you to make sure your complete wedding stationery package matches seamlessly with all the other fine details of your wedding day.


So, what do we need for a complete wedding stationery package?

First and foremost, your wedding ceremony invitations. We have many types and styles to choose from depending on your personal taste and budget. You can use one of our pre-formatted layouts or designs with some changes to suit your individual wedding theme, or we can create a totally unique design, right from the beginning.


…You may also need separate Evening Invitations

Evening invitations can be the same as, or similar to your day invitations in style but are often a simplified or smaller version which can help reduce the cost. You can send one evening invitation to a family or household to invite a number of guests to attend. Most couples will invite additional guests to join them for the evening celebration and since this is a less formal part of the celebration, there is usually no RSVP required for an evening invitation.


Wedding RSVP cards

RSVP cards are usually included with your day invitations for your guest to post them back, accepting or declining your wedding invitation. For your guests convenience, your RSVP can include their meal preference or dietary requirements, and the envelopes can be printed with your name and return address.

Many couples are now opting to provide a dedicated email address on their invitations instead of sending printed RSVP’s. It’s free, it keeps everything in one place and it’s an even more convenient way for your guests to reply. If you choose the more traditional way, we can of course, include matching RSVP’s and envelopes in your wedding stationery package.


Mass booklets

We have three main types of mass booklets, the ever-popular A4 to A5 booklet, trifold booklets, and scrolls. A4 to A5 booklets are perfect for a traditional wedding. Trifold booklets are ideal for a civil ceremony or where you adopt a ‘less is more’ approach. Scrolls are also becoming very popular. A tasteful design, rolled and tied up with a nice ribbon can add a touch of class to your wedding ceremony.  Our most popular choice is the tri-fold pamphlet type, which are supplied creased, folded and ready to hand out to your guests.


What about ‘Save The Date’ cards?

‘Save the Dates’ are generally sent by couples getting married abroad or when inviting guests from overseas. It allows your intended guests plenty of time to plan time off and make travel arrangements. Save the Date cards are usually sent about four weeks prior to the main invitation and will include the bride and grooms name and the date of the wedding celebration. If you are planning your have wedding abroad, the destination can also be included.


So now we know what we need, how many Wedding Invitations should we order?

It is good practice to order the equivalent to half the number of guests plus ten, so for example, if you have 200 guests, you will need 110 invitations and RSVP’s etc. This will cover the most likely mix of couples and singles, but you may need to adjust this amount according to your guest list.

Remember to allow a few extras for last minute additions as ordering a small amount of extras at a later date can be expensive. An extra few invites in your initial order will be far more cost effective, even if they are never used.


How do we finalise and place our order?

Follow our simple step by step guide to placing your wedding invitation order Here. Once we have your details, we’ll get straight to work on your wedding stationery and, once you have approved the final design, it will be printed and ready for posting within a few days. Turnaround time varies depending on your chosen design so you will be advised on this when ordering.

Traditionally, wedding invitations are sent six to eight weeks before the wedding date so make sure to order in plenty of time and set the deadline to RSVP at three weeks before the big day.


Is there anything else we need to think about?

You will, no doubt, have lots to think about, so to help make sure you are fully organised we will advise on all of the additional services we can offer to help minimise the workload in organising your big day. We can provide additional services such as pre-printing the invitees name on the invitation and the  names and addresses on the envelopes, so its one less job for you to do!

We can also supply favour cards or tags, flower girl signs, reception signs, guest book signs, candle wraps, envelope seals, labels and much more.


We’d love to talk to you about your ideas for your wedding invitations, Contact Us today
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