Printing FAQ

Printing & Graphic Design FAQ

A helpful list of common and not-so-common questions related to ordering your printing, graphic design requirements and some of the technical aspects of commercial printing.

If you can’t see the answer to your question here, feel free to get in touch through the Live Chat or Contact Form. We are always happy to help

We can deliver your printing to any address in the Republic and Northern Ireland by courier and by arrangement to any address worldwide subject to additional shipping charges.
Very simply! Select the printing product you require, configure each option such as quantity, finish, design options etc and add them to your basket. You can upload your artwork files or images at the checkout stage. You can also review your order and amend as necessary before proceeding to payment. Once your order is received, it will be processed for print and dispatched in accordance with the products turnaround time.
Of course! What you see in our online print shop is based on our most popular sellers and are just a tiny fraction of the products and services we provide. We are very flexible and are happy to quote for specific quantities or specifications wherever possible. any size, quantity or specification you might have. We will try our best to fulfil any off standard requests.
No problem, our graphic designers can create a fabulous design for you at a small additional cost. Just let us know when your ordering, give us any relevant text to include in the design and any rough ideas of the type of design you're looking for and we’ll take it from there. If you haven’t got a clue just tell us that too and we will come up with an idea for you!
Couldn’t be easier, just attach your files to your order through the file upload link at the checkout stage. If you have any difficulty uploading your file, just attach it to an email and send it to Make sure to clearly identify your artwork and the order it corresponds to by including any relevant information such as your name, telephone number and your order number. If we are in any doubt, we will contact you before we print. If you are sending print ready artwork, please read our technical information page before sending your files to us.
That's not a problem! Just go to and follow the instructions to send your files to us at Just attach your relevant details such as an order number or other reference so we know what it's in connection with.
A Zip file is a compressed version of a folder containing your artwork files. Zipping your file allows the entire folder to be sent quickly and easily as an email attachment or file upload. To organise your artwork for sending to us just right click on your desktop to create a new folder. Ideally, you should give this folder a name which easily identifies it to us when we receive it, e.g with your full name or your order number. Put any relevant artwork and/or notes inside this folder and right click to save as a Zip folder. You can then attach it to your email and send it to us for printing.
As a quick guide, a standard sheet of printer paper is A4, A5 is equivalent to half the size of an A4 sheet, A6 is half of A5 and so on. Visit our Technical Information page for more info and some handy guides to paper sizes.
Bleed is the area at the edge of the design which allows for a small margin of error when the finished print is cut by the guillotine. It is essential to allow a certain amount of bleed when setting out your artwork in order to avoid seeing white marks at the edge of the finished print. Check out our Technical Information page for a useful guide to setting out your artwork and some handy diagrams on bleed and cut marks.