Stickers & Labels

Stickers & Labels

Our stickers come in all shapes and sizes, supplied on sheets and easy to peel for quick and easy application. Stickers are a great marketing tool for promotions, sales, product launches, flag days and a whole lot more.

The applications are endless, whatever you have a need for, we can produce a sticker for!

  • Promoting a product?  A sticker is a great way to bring a logo or brand name to your customers attention.
  • Running a charity?  Flag stickers are a cost effective fund raising tool for on-street collections.
  • In-store Marketing?  A quick and simple way to offer a product on sale is to label it with a sticker.
  • Managing stock?  Stickers can be printed with stock numbers, specifications and bar codes to manage stock easily.
  • Labelling a product?  Stickers can be used to label your products for eye catching branding on bottles, jars and boxes.

Stickers are also a great way to turn your company logo into a recognised brand and make sure it stays where your customers can see it!

We produce stickers in a range of sizes and finishes, printed in full colour and ready to peel and stick. You can easily brand your invoices, dispatch labels and packaging in an instant with a simple sticker. In fact, branded stickers allow you to promote your business at every opportunity, your business would be lost without them!

Self adhesive labels and stickers can be printed circular, rectangluar or square and in a range of sizes. Stickers are the perfect solution for in-store promotions, sales, special events, fund raisers and product labelling.

Browse our range of stickers online, upload your artwork or logo or contact us to discuss your specific requirements